So as I am approaching the end of my PhD (as I have been or at least claiming to be for the past two years), I decided to share the other (more exciting) things I’ve been working on. It’s mostly Python and are educational/learning projects but there are some other ones in there as well.

Ok that was true when I first started this. The rest is probably still true (ish). No longer a PhD student, somehow finished that. Working as (mostly) (seniorish) Python backend developer (specialising in Django/FastAPI) that also dabbles in a bit of JS/TS (for some microservices), some dev ops things here and there, and some data engineering.

Some of the current ones I am working one include:

  • CNLearn - cross-platform Chinese dictionary with an upcoming flashcard system (Python)
  • webCNLearn - same thing as above, but for the web. It uses FastAPI with SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL as its backend and Vue3 for its frontend
  • Photography portfolio website for client written in Wagtail and Django
  • Math education website, website not live yet but will be at It’s My Education

In relation to the last one mentioned, I’ve also been writing a Math textbook for IB students (still in progress) which can be found here and that is written in jupyter{book}. The textbook and the It’s My Education website will eventually converge.

Some of the (static) projects are hosted on GitHub Pages, some are deployed on AWS (including this website) and some of the demos will be hosted on Netlify so you can check them out as well.

I’ve also been doing a bit of Data Science/Machine Learning and some of my (now pretty old but new ones coming) exploration can be found on my GitHub here.